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Long time, LJ friends! Posting to let everyone know I've created a fb page to support our beautiful Rox-dog, who (along with our entire family) is being maligned on an online forum by next door neighbors who claim that we keep her locked inside our home "almost 24 hours a day" because she is an "aggressive pitbull". These claims are laughably untrue. And so I hope to fill this page with testimonials, photo, and video evidence to the contrary. Here anyone can plainly see that Roxy goes everywhere; for walks around neighborhoods, parks, through fields and woods -- even a college campus -- and that she spends tons of time outside on the deck and in the yard when the weather is nice. Lots of car rides and long-distance road trips, too.

To clarify, these neighbors are lashing-out because we filed a dog bite report after the SECOND time their dog bit our daughter -- severely enough to cause bleeding, bruising, scarring, and an infection warranting two antibiotics prescriptions. They are also denying that either of the bites ever occurred. Disgusting and frustrating. :( But hey, let's focus on refuting one ridiculous claim at a time, and showing some Roxy love!

Head Cold Haiku Blues

prone and back to back
bent by the weight of our sighs
resting but restless

sea salt-stuffed soft sock
microwave turntable trance
homemade heating pad

broth, bananas, tea
awash in a sea of bland
'nilla wafer me

Karl's weekend without tennis
proof of true malaise

parched yet immobile
fizzy ginger-ale mirage
fridge seems miles away

tossing and turning
groans emanating from crate
sympathetic dog

Googled ear ache cure
chewing garlic cloves times three
squinched-up frowny face

Used tissue deluge
Steaming broth with bland saltines
Head cold misery


I'm Not Worthy

Rainy Sunday.
While Anna trashed the living room --oops, I mean created a "Science Museum" -- and I snapped photos/played on my iPhone, Karl thoroughly cleaned our craptacularly messy kitchen, took out all the trash, AND put together and ordered a Wacky Dinosaurs book from Apple.

Compare the handiwork of Karl...

...with the handiwork of Anna:

I'm not worthy.